Decolonization is the way Forward for Communism

The contradiction of colonizers vs colonized is stronger than the contradiction of the ruling class vs working class in the imperial core. Colonialism led to the development of capitalism, and not the other way round. This is why socialism has only ever developed as a result of overthrowing colonialism in Global South countries. This is why socialism has never developed in imperial countries, because the working class of imperialist and colonizing nations is complicit in the exploitation of colonized peoples.

If colonialism created capitalism, then the way forward for communism is decolonization and anti-imperialism. We can keep pushing idealist lines that the only struggle is a class struggle but the history of socialist struggle has been the struggle of national liberation movements against colonization and imperialism. Socialism is a science that develops as material conditions develop and not a dogma that needs to be adhered to because Marx had said something. Continue reading

Thoughts on Gender and Dialectical Materialism: Will the Future be Agender?

Of late I have been wondering what it means to me that I am a woman. What does it mean to others who identify as women, cis or trans. Is the identity of a woman only meaningful because an opposite exists – the identity of a man? What is gender identity and can we apply the laws of dialectical materialism to gender?

Ever since I read Mao’s On Contradiction, I have not been able to get the below passage out of my head.

“…the existence of each of the two aspects of a contradiction in the process of the development of a thing presupposes the existence of the other aspect, and both aspects coexist in a single entity; second, in given conditions, each of the two contradictory aspects transforms itself into its opposite. This is the meaning of identity.” Continue reading

Anti-Socialist Bias in Mainstream Media Reporting: Endorsement of Major Political Aggressions of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

I recently participated in a conference at the university I work at and while it is part of my job to help organize these events, I also wanted an opportunity to speak to a larger audience on socialism in real life and not just in leftbook. So I seized this opportunity and delivered a short talk on fake news on socialist countries and how imperialist countries justify their invasions of socialist countries based on such fake news. I did not manage to complete the entire paper before the conference, during which I could only present on Venezuela and the DPRK given the time limits. I intend on writing the full paper and publishing it here in parts. This post will focus on the introduction, the next post on media reporting on Venezuela vs France, thereafter the DPRK vs the USA, and so on until I manage to cover Syria, Libya, Iraq, and other countries. Continue reading

Trying to Fight Capitalism without Communism is like Trying to Fight Sexism without Feminism

As the socialist wave grows larger every day, especially among the youth, political debates are reaching a new level of heat for many of us. I recently got into the umpteenth debate about capitalism and communism with a friend, and ever since I turned Marxist-Leninist a few months ago, I realized that my friend, who had actually helped me become politically active in the first place, is but a liberal, just like the political activists I had once idolized with him.

To be clear, all liberals are not the same. All communists of today started out as liberals and we have all benefited from the changes that liberal politics ushered into our modern middle-class society. The only liberals I have a problem with are those who parade as intellectuals (they’re not) and who refuse to embrace communism as the next step in their social evolution. There is no denying that liberal politics has woken up a generation of today’s youth to the reality of racism, sexism, and gender discrimination but where it has failed is in waking us up to the reality of capitalism, neoliberalism, and imperialism.  Continue reading