About this Blog

About this Blog

I started out as a casual leftist but over a period of time, the more I read about capitalism the more I realized how deeply entrenched the problem is, pervading every aspect of our lives. And the more I read about socialism, the more I realize what a small minority it is of the people who truly understand socialism or socialist history.

This blog is an attempt at helping people understand that every form of oppression in our society and every social evil conceivable, from racism and sexism to depression and anxiety to the destruction of our environment, is rooted in capitalism. The average individual has been conditioned to not think critically, to not think beyond themselves, and to conform to neoliberal views of our society – largely because of an education system that rewards obedience and not genuine intelligence, jobs that drain all energy out of us, and media that brainwashes us and dumbs us down with mindless entertainment.

This blog is an attempt at helping people ask the right questions and over a period of time, to at least resist, if not dismantle, these systems of oppression that our sucking away at our creativity and our resources.

Who is the blog for?

I hope to reach out to every group in the political spectrum but primarily, I hope to help those who are yet to understand the basics of capitalism and socialism. I also hope to reach out to groups who have done some reading but have misunderstood socialism (don’t shit on socialist leaders if you haven’t read their works). And finally, to the group that has grasped socialism as accurately as we can in our present situation, given that we are bombarded with anti-socialist fake news and propaganda, I hope they’ll keep me honest.

This is blog is not an exercise in literary skills for me and I hope to spend the minimal amount of time in copyediting. (It’s a self-reminder more than a disclaimer because I tend to obsess about getting my writing right.) So pay attention to the message and not the quality of the writing.

I am not an intellectual and I am learning more every day so views are also subject change. Suggestions and civil debates are welcome, especially because you will find content here that will fundamentally challenge long-held beliefs. Trolls will be ignored. That’ll be all.